The Soft and Luscious Lawn You’ve Been Dreaming About

A green lawn starts with quality grass seed and professional seeding services that E-Greenleaf is dedicated to providing to your lawn. The specialists at E-Greenleaf offer expert guidance in selecting the correct seeding regiment needed for Oklahoma lawns. With the ever-changing weather, choosing the right grass seed mixture for your lawn as well as preparing the lawn can be difficult. With E-Greenleaf’s seeding services, you’ll see your lawn come back to life with strong roots and thick, beautiful turf.

Overseeding lawns is necessary to help fill in the bare spots of your yard so that your luscious lawn is luscious everywhere.
E-Greenleaf has trained specialists that are knowledgeable in how to properly seed a lawn so that it’s set up for success.


You might not need to spread out new seeding in a place that doesn’t have any grass, but rather to just fill in the bare spots of your yard. Overseeding is when you plant grass seed directly into the existing grass or turf without first tearing it up. Overseeding is necessary to fill in bare spots, improve the density, and to create a more vibrant lawn. Overseeding lawns also helps to protect against weather damage as well as insect/pest damage. The appropriate time to overseed depends on the climate, for Oklahoma, it is best to overseed in late summer to early fall. That way day temperatures are warm enough to encourage seed germination, but nights are cool enough to give the seeds breathing room from the heat.

Grass We Use

Evaluating what type of grass is already in your yard will help us determine what grass we should put down. We specialize in tall fescue grass, tolerating heat, drought, disease, insect damage, cool season species, and more. We typically use a premium 5 blend tall fescue grass because it is able to spread by its rhizos which will ensure it to be a healthy lawn.

The type of grass that is already in your yard will determine what type of grass we will put down so that your yard is full.
E-Greenleaf uses a 5-blend tall fescue grass because it’s able to undergo harsh weather conditions that happen in Oklahoma.

How to Overseed a Lawn

Overseeding your lawn doesn’t have to be stressful. To ensure that your lawn is properly seeded, first we assess your lawn to figure out the current state of the grass and what grass blend should be put down. Then, we prepare the lawn by reducing soil compaction which helps the flow of water and oxygen to the roots. Next, we put seed down in the areas that need it, to encourage growth. Finally, we provide follow-up visits to ensure that the seeds are properly germinating and taking root.

Not sure when to seed your lawn or are you still confused as to why your lawn isn’t as soft and luscious as the seed bag you bought from Walmart promises? Don’t worry about it, skip the stress and give us a call at (405) 305-5629 or send us an email at to schedule an appointment with us. Let us take care of you and your lawn with our top notch seeding services.

We are ready to deliver impeccable service and lawn care that your neighbors won’t be able to stop talking about. Let’s do this!

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